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Meet Chautè

Author | Therapist | Restoration Expert | Parent Consultant

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Meet Chautè Thompson, a multifaceted professional excelling as an Author, Therapist, Restoration Expert, and Parent Consultant. Within the transformative realm of the Brand New Me Journey, Ms. Thompson brings her expertise to empower and strengthen families, specializing in family law with a focus on those navigating the complexities of divorce.

Ms. Thompson offers an array of services, including Collaborative Neutral, Parenting Plan Evaluations, Parenting Coordination, Reunification Counseling, Co-parenting Counseling, Family/Divorce Mediation, and Family/Individual Counseling. Her commitment lies in fostering peace, effective communication, and goal-driven strategies throughout the divorce process, prioritizing emotional health and wellness, especially for children.

In her role as a Co-Parenting Specialist, Ms. Thompson conducts sessions and workshops dedicated to nurturing healthy co-parenting relationships in various family settings. Beyond this, she serves as a Restoration Expert, guiding women through detox after significant breakups, enabling them to live boldly and authentically.

Ms. Thompson's impact extends beyond professional services, as she views her work as a ministry. She shares life-changing strategies, empowerment, and mental/emotional health messages through engagements such as schools, churches, conferences, workshops, and webinars. Her overarching mission is to provide opportunities for growth—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—guiding individuals towards becoming the best versions of themselves.

An accomplished author, Ms. Thompson has penned "Brand New Me: The Pursuit of Wholeness" and "Brand New Me: Complemented, Completed, and Whole." For those ready to embark on their transformative journey, they can explore more at and

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