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3 Habits to Start Now for a Happy and Healthy Tomorrow

3 Habits to Start Now

for a Happy and Healthy Tomorrow Sitting in the park you see an older man who looks to be in his late 70’s, walking with his cane enjoying the beautiful day. You observe another man walking with a friend, both appear to be in their late 70’s but seem to have some type of pep in their step. Have you ever wondered what your late years would look like? I know when I was a teenager, I looked at 30’s and 40’s like that was old. Now I look at 50’s like they still got much more life to live! It’s easy to approach life as the hamster wheel filled with mundaneness and busyness wrapped up in one, getting through your days constantly thinking about everything that still needs to get done while not having enough time to do it.

What are you doing in the here and now to change the trajectory of your tomorrow; To purposefully be able to have pep in your step later in life?

The habits of today become the outcomes of tomorrow. Be careful not to leave your future up to happenstance. Focus on:

Healthy Mind. Feed your mind. Spend time elevating your thoughts, educating yourself on what you don’t know. Read, listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Be mindful not to only take in senseless entertainment. Grow mentally, applying what you learn, challenging yourself to learn more.

Healthy Body. As we age, we hear we are what we eat. Are you emotionally eating, eating a balanced meal, limiting your sugars and carbs? In our society people are quick to go on diets however, healthy eating is a good habit to practice, letting it be a lifestyle instead of a fad or diet. In addition to practicing a balanced diet lifestyle it is important to incorporate movement. Exercise of some sort. Be it walking, running. dancing, HIIT, CrossFit, or creating your own workout routine. One of the keys to having a body that doesn’t give out on you later in life is taking care of the one you have now. So, take your vitamins, have regular doctor visits, eat a balanced diet and exercise.

Healthy Execution of Goals. Dreams and goals remain just that if you aren’t working towards them. Intentionally taking baby steps towards your goal creates an atmosphere of becoming, of moving in the direction you desire. Fear of failure can stifle us to never take those baby steps. Comparison can limit us in reaching what we were called to do. Dr. Wesley Knight once said Fall Forward. If you do not achieve exactly what you sought out to achieve you are still not stagnant where you were. Healthy execution is taking action. Write your goals. Write the steps to achieve them. Start mapping out month by month steps to achieve them. Revisit your action plan and revise as necessary (life happens). As days, months, years, and decades pass you can look back and see with this strategy you will not be in the same place you were. The freedom of tomorrow starts today! Feed your mind, embrace the lifestyle of eating balanced meals and exercising. Take action with your goals intentionally and the least that can happen is you fall forward.

You can actually have a happy and healthy tomorrow, starting TODAY! Be Intentionally Hopeful & Authentically You. By: Chautè Thompson, LMHC, CDWF

I am Chautè Henry Thompson, licensed psychotherapist, Relationship and Restoration Expert. I help women who have experienced significant breakups to Rediscover and Redefine themselves, cultivating healthier relationships with self and others. If you are looking for support in healing after divorce or significant breakups you can join my newsletter list for free monthly resources and support.

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