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4 Co-Parenting Tips for Positive Living

1. Communication Communicate with the other parent. Don’t send messages with children this puts children in a difficult position and makes them uncomfortable. This might be difficult for some but it doesn’t mean you need to be buddy buddy. Communication Methods to Use ✅ Email ✅Text ✅Letters ✅Face-to-face ✅Voicemail

2. Release Control You can only control what happens in your home. If you can agree on rules and expectations across the board GREAT! But if not hold your children accountable for your household rules. Remind yourself that your control is in your home. Doing this will cease many arguments and tension

3. Positive Talk Do not speak negatively about the other parent in the home or in front of the children. This greatly affects your children.

4. Balance Balance Time with Children: · For Fun · For Relaxing · For Structure Take Care & Be Intentionally Hopeful, By: Chautè Thompson, LMHC, CDWF

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