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Boundaries are Your Superpower to Peace

Boundaries are YOUR SUPERPOWER to Peace

What have you taught people lately when it comes to how you want to be treated? Have you tippy toed around their feelings yet get frustrated that your needs are not being met in that connection?

Did you know…

Yes, you can say that!

Yes, you can do that!

Yes, you can put your foot down and not feel bad about it!

Accountability starts with you. After informing others of your boundary, enforce your boundary. To enforce a boundary is not accepting the boundary being crossed. This can be with a gentle reminder to start such as “I am not okay with you video calling me without me agreeing first”. If the boundary is crossed again, it’s putting a clear line in the sand that it’s unacceptable. For example, not accepting the call or removing yourself, ending the conversation, not texting back—whatever the unaccepted behavior is, not letting it slide a second, third, and fourth time.

PEACE in Action When you become comfortable setting your boundaries and holding others accountable to them it will afford you opportunities of peace to live in your truth. We constantly hear that NO is a complete sentence! I challenge you to set daily goals and say NO to EVERYTHING that doesn’t align with your goals, intentions and Boundaries!

Ignite you Superpower!

Think about your values and needs.

  1. Identify 3-5 things that are important to you (i.e. faith, family, respect)

  2. identify needs within these values which are not being met which is causing discomfort in various areas of your life.

Write your boundary needed based on your values and needs.

  1. For example:

  2. It is important to me that my time is respected.

  3. It is important to me that I am respected.

Set the boundary

  1. For example:

  2. Not having unexpected visits to my home.

  3. Not accepting being hung up on.

Hold others accountable.

  1. For example:

  2. If someone visits without getting permission first, do not accept the visit. Go outside and reschedule.

  3. If someone hangs up on you, do not accept their call back for a designated amount of time, do not call or text them back for a designated period of time.


  1. Experience comfort with boundaries of only accepting what is in alignment with your goals, intentions and boundaries.

I am Chautè Henry Thompson, licensed psychotherapist, Relationship and Restoration Expert. I help women who have experienced significant breakups to Rediscover and Redefine themselves, cultivating healthier relationships with self and others. If you are looking for support in healing after divorce or significant breakups you can Subscribe for relatable resources, monthly chats, and support.

If you are interested in taking the first step toward working with me, you can schedule a clarity call. To stay connected with Chautè (YouTube)

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