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Redefining Yourself as a Parent in the New Year

As the new year begins, many parents may find themselves reflecting on the past year and wondering how they can improve themselves and their parenting. The journey of self-discovery is not an easy one, but it is an essential step towards becoming the best version of yourself as a parent. Today, we will explore the journey of self-discovery and redefining yourself as a parent in the new year. We'll delve into self-acceptance, creating new hobbies, working on mindset shifts, living wholeheartedly, understanding shame/guilt, and demonstrating these traits to children.


The first step in redefining yourself as a parent is to practice self-acceptance. You cannot be the best parent you can be if you are constantly striving for an unattainable version of yourself. Start by accepting who you are, flaws and all, and recognize that you will make mistakes. As you practice self-acceptance, you'll find that your parenting becomes more authentic and you'll model self-acceptance to your children.

Creating New Hobbies

Another way to redefine yourself as a parent in the new year is to create new hobbies that enrich your life. When parents incorporate hobbies into their lives, they become more well-rounded individuals. Meanwhile, modeling this behavior to your children helps them to learn the importance of self-care, balance, and how to manage their own time.

Working on a Mindset Shift

It's essential to work on mindset shifts if you want to redefine yourself as a parent. Mindset shift is about changing the way you think about a specific situation to change your outcome. For instance, instead of viewing a mistake as a failure, you can reframe it as an opportunity for growth and learning. This type of shift is powerful, and it helps parents show their children that challenges can be seen as opportunities for growth.

Understanding Shame/Guilt and Letting it Go

Parents may feel shame or guilt for a variety of reasons, including their parenting choices. It's crucial to understand these emotions, let them go, and stop judging yourself for feeling them. Emotions are normal and a part of life, and it's okay to feel them. By working through them, you can learn from them and continue to grow as an individual and as a parent.

Demonstrating These Traits to Children

The final step in the journey of self-discovery is demonstrating the previous traits to your children. The saying “children learn what they live” applies well here. As you practice self-acceptance, create new hobbies, work on mindset shift, live wholeheartedly, and let go of shame and guilt, your children are witness to it all. This process is vital to encouraging your children to do the same as they learn from your behavior.

As parents, by following these steps, you'll be well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself as a parent. Remember, this journey is personal, and it's essential to set goals that challenge you but also remain achievable. At the end of the day, being the best parent you can be comes down to intentionality and doing the work. Stay connected!

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