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Three Ways to Heal After a Breakup

Are you struggling to put your life back together after a divorce? Feeling broken?

Today, I have three ways you can heal and welcome the brand new you.     1. Do something nice for yourself each week.      You have a ton of options whether you choose inexpensive or fancy, here are a few to consider:

  1. Nice bath

  2. Favorite perfume

  3. Cook favorite meal

  4. Wear your favorite outfit 

  5. Take yourself out

  6. Stay in and read or even watch your favorite show       2.  Journal Journaling helps the healing process. While thoughts flow, solutions and ideas also flow. You don’t have to feel limited to writing for journaling either. You can do video journaling and even voice memo journaling. Not ready to journal? Collect a few of your fav inspirational quotes to refer to when you need a quick pick me up.       3. Allow yourself to FEEL Feel the pain, hurt, betrayal, anger, sadness or whatever it is that you may feel at the moments when they come, but don’t stay in the funk. Dust it off, shake it off and press forward.

You are STRONG. You are BRAVE. You are BEAUTIFUL

You are Unique. You are WORTH IT. You will get THROUGH THIS. Be Intentionally Hopeful & Authentically You By: Chautè Thompson, LMHC

I am Chautè Henry Thompson, licensed psychotherapist, Relationship and Restoration Expert. I help women who have experienced significant breakups to Rediscover and Redefine themselves, cultivating healthier relationships with self and others. If you are looking for support in healing after divorce or significant breakups you can join my newsletter list for free monthly resources and support.

You can also join my tribe Brand New Me Journey to receive free resources, support and connect with other individuals on their journey.

If you are interested in taking the first step toward working with me, you can schedule a clarity call. To stay connected with Chautè (YouTube)

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