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Restorative Services

On each unique journey, finding a clear path with guidance is crucial. Our aim is to support you every step of the way no matter where you are at right now.​ Have you experienced an emotional roller coaster of emotions surrounding a significant breakup and starting over? Are you wearing many hats doing the balancing act as a parent? Are you ready to journey to a brand-new version of you embracing lessons and navigating life humbly unapologetic?


​ 30 min Coaching

Start taking steps towards redefining and rediscovering YOU! Create goals and receive accountability to work towards them while healing and growing.​​


60 min Coaching

Journey through the detox, redefining, rediscovering phases with accountability, insight and guidance helping you to heal and grow!  


 Coaching Packages

Commit to do the work and save your coins! Journey through the detox, redefining,rediscovering phases with accountability, insight, and guidance helping you to heal and grow!​

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