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Embrace Your Brand New Me Journey

How we can work together:


Parenting & Co-Parenting Consulting

Parenting did not come with a handbook! Navigating parenting has it’s challenges be it a two- parent home, single family home, parenting/co-parenting after a divorce, separation or blending a family can each be a journey all its own. Reduce emotional stress, build healthier connections
and receive support TODAY!


Thrive Families Community 

Together honing resilient, informed, victorious & emotionally intelligent families. This is a positive parenting community for single/divorced & blended families. This community provides
a support group, workshops, expert guests to discuss topics you want to learn more about and community.


Positive Parenting Workshop 

Positive Parenting Workshop provides tools to better understand self while also
supporting you as a parent. This workshop will open your eyes to understanding how
to connect with your children/teenagers, how to navigate attitudes and tantrums, and how to build a foundation that will follow your children into adulthood.


Learn Your Child's Love Language

Do you know your child’s love language? Knowing your child’s love language can aid in building relationship, discipling and better understanding your child. Let me show you, grab your worksheet to start learning more today!


Restoration Consulting/Coaching

​Have you experienced an emotional roller coaster of emotions surrounding a significant breakup and starting over? Are you ready to journey to a brand-new version of you embracing lessons
and navigating life humbly and completely unapologetic?


ShePosse Community

An Exclusive Woman's Community

We were not designed to do this thing called life alone! We need community! Join us to relate with and grow in life, love, parenting, relationships, transitions, stress, fear... THE JOURNEY. 


Complemented Not Completed Workshop

It’s easy to feel alone on your journey. In our programs you can connect with like-minded women who are ready to do the work to grow while developing life changing
connections! Self-improvement is the start of your journey!

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Let's face it - being in a relationship, is risky business for your heart. That's why it's so important to assess potential risks and make sure you're making the right decisions and having needed conversations.

Take the Relationship Risk Assessment NOW and get the clarity and peace of mind you need to feel secure in your relationship. Allow this tool to help you have the needed conversations to reduce your risk of heartbreak. Take yours today!

Happy Friends

The Journey Towards Healthy Relationships Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Thank you for all of your help. You truly helped me out of a dark place in my life. I still remind myself of the marbles conversation. I appreciate all of your wisdom you shared with me. 


Chautè helped me on my journey after my divorce. The insight, lessons and homework helped me to discover parts of myself I never knew existed!


Brand New Me is so necessary! Thank you, for the lessons, if I follow your guidance I feel like I can’t lose! You’re so clutch that way!


Because of our sessions both one on one and group I have learned to value myself first and foremost.  Pay attention to the warning signs and know what’s not ok. Bottom line to love me! I truly won’t forget you. P.S. I’m doing well in the dating game😉💕😊


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